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Become A TS Sexting Expert

Sexting with a TS is pure art and you need to be very good at it in order to have long, happy and steamy sexting convos with TS ladies. Don’t think that someone will fall for your 8 inch penis if you’re a complete dummy for sexting. No, my friend, girls need the whole package, so you better start taking notes.

Sexting 6If you haven’t found a TS match yet for hot sexting parties, then start with this TS Snapchat forum or maybe this TS Kik one. These forums are gold mines for sexy TS girls who want to have some sexy fun. Once you’ve got yourself a sexting partner, you have to know how to act and what to send.

I’m highly recommending not to rush. I know you’re here because you’re horny and want to find someone who’s in the same mood, but nobody likes to feel pushed. And you’re not a rapist, for God’s sake, so, let’s be civilized here! Take it slow and start a conversation first. You’ll see that a few nice words can work like a charm. A dash of creativity and a sprinkle of wit and she’ll be screaming your name in no time!

Be very flirty! Make her think about your words deeply and let her feel your lust. Let her know how much you like her, and how hard she turns you on. Your TS sexting partner will be very happy to hear that she rocks your world and will do everything to keep doing it. Once she feels powerful and sexy, she’ll become a real sexting hurricane. So don’t be stingy with compliments, tell her everything you like and everything that turns you on about her. Tell her she’s beautiful and amazing, make her feel like the only girl in the world and she’ll do everything to return the favor.

But don’t you ever lie to her. She might be a random girl from TS Snapchat, but she deserves your respect and you have to treat her like a lady. Don’t say that you’d do something that you’d never do. Don’t promise to meet one day if you know that’s never going to happen. Honesty is very sexy and you can use it as an extra aphrodisiac. A lie is always a turn off and it’s usually also a reason that someone stops sexting with you.

Sexting 5Be honest about your physical appearance as well. Don’t brag about athletic body and huge cock if that’s not the real situation. You’ll get to trading one day and some things will be revealed. And you’ll have to explain a thing or two. But don’t you dare sending somebody else’s photos from the internet! How would you feel to find out that you were sexting with a fat gay bear the whole time you were picturing a hot TS girl?!

One more thing, keep your sword in the scabbard. Don’t flesh her with a dick pic in your first chat. She knows you have it and you’re playing with it, but it doesn’t have to be the first info about you. Talk first, use words, tease, flirt, describe, play, but wait a bit with nudes trade. If your sexting is hot, she’ll ask for them very soon.

These are the most important rules of sexting with a TS lady. Follow them and you’ll get a sextpert reputation in a few sexts.