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Here’s How To Take That Perfect Sexting Selfie

Selfies are the blessing and the curse of the modern age. Everybody takes selfies, no matter whether they’re old or young, single or married, straight or gay, confident or shy. You’ve probably have taken hundreds of them, for posting on social networks or for sending to someone. So, it’s about time you introduced sexy selfies to your sexting routine.

Sexting 9If you’ve already hit TS Kik or TS Snapchat and found a TS lady to sext with, you’re certainly planning to trade some pics. You don’t want a bad selfie to be a deal breaker in this situation, so pay attention and use some tricks for taking a perfect sexting selfie.

You’re the most important part of selfie, of course. After all, it’s a photo of you, so don’t let anything else ruin it. First of all, you need to make sure that your camera isn’t going to fail you. Check your lens and clean it again, you don’t want your selfie to be blurred and seem like you’ve taken it while your phone was falling out of your hand. It’s very important to get a good quality photo, because you don’t want it to seem fake.

Lenses aren’t the only thing that should be clean. As we’ve established, you’re the star of this photo-shoot and you deserve the spotlight. Clean your room, or at least the background of the picture. Nobody wants to deal with a messy person, so you really don’t want your sexting TS girl to notice those dirty socks in the corner. And I don’t mean necessarily dirty things, I mean all the things. Don’t leave a mess behind you. Try to find an empty part of the room, and be very careful when you’re taking a mirror selfie, stuff appear in every corner of the photo.

A crucial thing for any photo is light. Pay attention to it because it can be your best ally, but it can also turn into the worst enemy you’ve ever had. Used well, lighting is going to emphasize your good sides and put bad ones aside. But bad lighting can make you fat even if you’re extremely skinny, draw wrinkles, and make you look hairy, your legs crooked, or something else crooked as well. So, pay a lot of attention to it. It’s the best to take a pic in the day light, but if that’s not possible, try to make it come from the side. Don’t use lights that are right above your head, they’ll make shadows all over your body and you’ll seem chubby and out of shape even if you’re not.

Sexting 7Don’t forget the most important thing – be confident. Confidence always shows in a photo. If you feel good in your body and you personally think you’re sexy, the girls you’re sexting with will think that too. Don’t be cocky, just think well of yourself and your selfie will turn out perfect.

Our last recommendation would be to avoid taking a full selfie, and by full I mean including your face. You might have met your TS lover in person, or trust her completely, but it doesn’t save you from honest mistakes. Sometimes things just get out of hand and people can end up doing some uncomfortable things. So, it would be better if no one could realize it’s really you in that nude selfie that’s cruising all over the internet.

Be smart and be sexy, and raise the temperature of your sexting with that hot selfie of yours!