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How To Be A Real Gentleman When Sexting With TS Ladies

Sexting is becoming an important part of our sex lives and if you’re into TS girls, you’re more aware of that than many other people. It’s not easy to find a TS partner and every contact or relationship begins with some online chatting which usually evolves into sexting and sometimes into real life sex and relationships. Everyone who’s ever sexted with a TS lady knows that.

Sexting 2In case you’re a complete newbie in this area, you’ll have to find a lady to sext with first. Forums are always good places for meeting new people, especially those who belong to specific groups, have certain hobbies or have an unusual job. So it would be a good idea to start with TS Kik and TS Snapchat. And when you find your sexting TS match, you have to be ready with some successful tricks for hot sexting.

Some areas are grey and some topics are sensitive when you’re sexting with a TS girl. You don’t want to be rude or impolite, so you should find out how to be a real gentleman when you’re sexting with a girl you just met on TS Snapchat.

Before you even start reading this, remember the most important thing – you’re sexting with a lady. No sex or gender related questions. She’ll tell you everything you need to know, but she’ll tell you herself, you don’t have to ask or push her.

Give her a chance to meet you and show you what she likes. Don’t rush anything, because she’ll feel threatened and a bit virtually raped. Take it slow, you don’t want to assault her or make it seem that you think she’s a slut. Start with some small talk, throw in a tease or two, and let her find out how interesting you are. Use your charm and words. Flirt with her like no one has ever flirted before and you’ll make her feel good and want more.

Leave nudes for later. Don’t be a jerk and send her a dick pic right at the beginning. She’s a lady and a lady doesn’t want your penis on her screen before having a chance to say “hello”. You’re sexting, I know, but you have to make some contact first, you can’t introduce her to your cock before exchanging a few sentences. Would a gentleman appear at a lady’s doorstep and take it out when she opens the door? I don’t think so. And if you want your TS sexting to be hot and to last long, then you’ll have to behave before the nasty Olympics begin.

Sexting 1Let her tell you what turns her on most and play that card. She’s not there to please you, but to have some sexy fun with you. Sexting is a two-way street, unless both of you agree on having a different arrangement. You should both enjoy all the pleasure good sexting can give you. Ladies highly appreciate when they’re given time, energy and attention. Make her feel like a horny queen and she’ll return in mind-blowing sexting.

In the end, keep the juicy details private. A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell. Not even when the kiss is virtual. A lot of private stuff is shared during sexting and those don’t only include nudes. You might have found this girl on TS Snapchat and none of your friends have ever met her in person, but that’s not a reason not to show her some respect and keep her sexting talk private. Tell your gang that this TS lady sexts you better than anyone else, but don’t tell them what she’s sending you. I don’t even want to start about the nudes. That’s a big “no”, but I don’t think a real gentleman should even be reminded about that.

These simple tips will make you a sexy gentleman. Remember them and follow them next time you get into hot sexting with some girl from TS Snapchat.