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I’m Sexting with TS, Am I Gay?

You’re straight. You’ve always had a girlfriend or a couple of them. You’ve never kissed a guy, not even for a bet. You watch football. You’ve been in a couple of fights even. You’ve never worn pink.

But, recently, you caught yourself checking out usernames on TS Snapchat, and maybe even adding that hot TS lady and doing some sexting. And, oh my, you enjoyed it! Loved it to the bone(r). But you’re now afraid that it means you’re gay. And does it really?

TS Gay SextingTo really analyze this issue, we have to start from the bottom. More specifically, we have to start from who’s the bottom in your case? It’s important to know what turns you on sexually. If you’re aroused by the thought of a man kissing you, topping you and taking you from behind, or maybe of a picture of you giving him a blowjob, then you’re gay. Being gay means that a man is into other men. If a thought of another man hugging you, caressing you and cuddling with you brings you pleasure, then it’s very possible you’re gay.

On the other hand, if none of these scenarios make you horny, than no, you’re not gay and you’re into women. And TS women are exactly that – women. When we’re talking about post-op TS ladies, they are women in every possible way. They were born as men, true, but there’s nothing manly left in their minds or souls. TS women felt like women even when they had a penis, so, basically, they’ve never been male. And after the surgery, they don’t even look like men and it would be ridiculous to treat them as men. They’ve got a vagina, they’ve got breasts, they act like women and they think like women, so there’s nothing further to discuss. You’re sexting with a woman, which definitely doesn’t make you gay.

TS SextingYour dilemma may be a bit bigger if your sexting partner from TS Snapchat hasn’t had bottom surgery yet, or doesn’t plan on having one, we get that. She’s sexting like any other woman you’ve sexted with before (even better), but you can’t stop thinking about her dick, to be honest. But, let’s get this straight. You like her boobs, you like her hair, you like that feminine charm of not revealing everything and that teasing game that women play best. There you go! You like her as a woman and you’re sexting with her because that turns you on. There’s nothing gay about enjoying a good sexting session with a lady, even if she’s a TS lady.

Every time she sexts you, you start picturing this sexy girl and that makes you horny as hell. No wonder. You’re into women and you’re sexting one, a very good one. She knows exactly how to make your blood run because she’s familiar with the male body, and that’s an awesome advantage. You like sexting with someone who knows all the tricks to give you an orgasm, who doesn’t! Maybe she was born as a man, but she doesn’t feel that way and that’s not the way you feel about her. She’s a real woman to you and her past isn’t your problem. You, a straight man, are here to get some hot sexting from a girl, and it doesn’t matter that she’s a girl from TS Snapchat, she’s still a girl. And in that case, we have a man sexting with a woman. What’s gay about that?